Application portal guide

Filtering the programs for you

The Scholarship and Grants application portal filters the programs that you can apply for. Instead of browsing through all the programs and manually filtering through the list of available programs, the system takes care of this for you. Once you complete your Eligibility Profile the system displays the programs that match your profile. Think of of it like a dating app for your scholarships and grants. 

Eligibility Profile location: Account Settings > Eligbilility > Update your eligibility profile

If you are a current student, the system will be able to extract your student data from your student profile in MySC. 

Optional Questions

There are optional questions in the eligibility criteria that you can opt-in to answer. These questions will open up different scholarships based on your responses.

Keeping your profile up-to-date

Keeping your Eligibility Profile up-to-date will ensure that you see the programs that you can apply for. You should update your eligibility profile each semester to ensure you see the most up-to-date scholarships and grants. Update your Eligbility Profile here